Simply put, our coordinator-led group tours are a blast where all the logistics have been
done for you! But beyond that, you get the full experience, volume at full - the awesome
trip, the fantastic food, the directions, the crowd, the knowledge of the who's, the how's,
and the where's. Invite your friends to increase the fun, or invite your company for that
bonding experience. Your mountain is waiting for you.

You will be part of a greater community that only by going Elsewhere can you attain. We're
all about the global rider, the worldwide skiier. Whether it's been France, New Zealand,
Canada, USA, or Switzerland, and we know what you come to expect. Japan is one stop of
that journey to hit them all, and one day you'll do it. We're those people too.

Make a booking here or simply email me with your requests. Pick the package(s) that you
want and let me know if you have particular questions. Please bear in mind that a deposit
will generally be required except in special cases, and that once full payment is made,
cancellation fees will be in effect.

Transportation will be arranged starting from either the plane (from Haneda) or the
shinkansen to the door of the accommodation. Most of the Tohoku/Chubu packages start
on Friday night. As a result, we are offering choices of train departure. 1) Early bird, which
departs from Tokyo station at around 19:00 so as to catch the connector (if applicable),
and 2) Late starter, which departs from Tokyo station after 21:00 for those who have to
work late. Early birds arrive at the accommodation on late Friday night. Late starters stay at
a reasonably-priced business hotel near the JR station to catch the early morning
connection on Saturday morning. Hokkaido packages start with an early flight to get to the
resort by noon or an arranged coach from Sapporo to the resort on Friday night.

Lodging will come in the form of the better hotels, pensions, and ryokan of the specified

These depend on the accommodation. However, it is fair to assume you will enjoy
complimentary great food, lift tickets, and onsen facilities as bare basics. Special requests
(lessons, rental, etc) will be taken. From start to finish we will try to cater to your needs
unless they happen to be of a freakish nature.

Allergic to natto? Personal aversion to bullet trains? Don't like people in general? Please
tell us about your special requests and we will try to meet them. Please be understanding
that special requests will require an adjustment of your package cost most of the time.

Over the last couple of years the backgammon really didn't catch on, so depending on the
resort and the capacity of crowd, evening entertainment (typically the Saturday night) will
be in the works.

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