h  i  s  t  o  r  i  c  a  l     r  i  f  f  r  a  f  f          
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"The cool thing is that you meet those
Sometimes they aren't, but if they're cute, I don't care."
- Ken W, consulting
like-minded people who are on the same wavelength...
Nozawa Onsen, 2006
Hakkoda, 2006
Niseko, Jan 2006
Niseko, Mar 2006
Hakuba, Feb 2006
Nozawa Onsen, 2005
Arai, 2006
Rusutsu, 2004
Niseko, 2004
Hakuba, 2003
Myoko, 2006
Niseko, 2005
Hakkoda, 2005
Myoko, 2005