It's true! Refer a friend and get 5% off the package price! And guess what? This is cumulative! Each friend that you add to the trip gets you another 5% reduction. A 5 person referral can get you 25% off!

A coupon is automatically generated each time you sign onto a package. Each person you refer adds onto that coupon. If you are referring people to join you, please enter the amount of people you are bringing with you (as many as you want) and the server automatically subtracts your discount (up to 5). You pay for each person in your group.

Your referrals have to be on the same trip as you. After providing your friends' full names, please ensure that you confirm their attendance. The discount is on condition that they actually participate.

Good luck, and spread the word!

A "referral" technically means anyone who was:
1) Not a direct contact by the site author
2) A person who directly registers online but must list a person who has already joined as their referral (which will be confirmed).

Abuse is unwelcome:
1) People can only be a referral once. If a person has been entered into the database through a referral, they are eligible to find other referrals to create their own discount for their next trip. However, once entered, they cannot be used as a referral again. Once entered into the database, you can only refer other people.
2) People cannot allocate the referrals/referree amongst themselves repeatedly. I.e., a group of five people cannot switch roles between themselves to continuously get the discount.

Discounts are subtracted from the original price, not the successively lowered price each time a new referral is made. If the original price was 50,000 then 50,000 is the starting point for accumulated discounts.

Up to 5 referrals can be made.

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