- Ensure that you read the schedule carefully. Some excursions may involve taking time off from work.
- It is better for all involved to send your equipment and luggage to your destination beforehand by one of Japan's many takkyubin services. Save yourself the hassle of lugging everything with you on the train, bus, or plane.
- If possible, pair up with someone who is fluent in Japanese in case you get separated.

- Dress warmly and in layers. It gets colder at night. On average, the Hokkaido and Tohoku trips are colder than the Chubu trips by 5-10 degrees centigrade. Chubu trips average 0 degrees daytime and minus 5 at night. Hokkaido and Tohoku average 0 to minus 5 daytime and minus 10 at night
- Bring cash with you. Credit cards have not penetrated to all the dark recesses of Japan, or
even some of the enlightened ones.
- Wear a backpack. If stuck in deep deep powder, take it off and use it as a platform to place your hand on top to prop yourself back up. It's also nifty for storing Snickers, extra gloves and goggles.
- Bring walkie-talkies if you have them. If possible, get Motorola or Cobra 8km-12km (not
available in Japan, but available online and overseas) as they are smaller, simpler and more
robust than local brands. Mobile phones often do not work in the mountain hinterlands.

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